Meet Eric Gilmore, SWLC, LAC, SAP

Eric started his career in 2004 working as a mentor for the Dan Fox Guide Home program. After graduating with his BA in Psychology from the University of Montana in 2005, he worked in mental health for two years before pursuing his Montana State License for addiction counseling in 2008. After completing his internship at the WATCh program he worked at Montana State Prison for four years. While at MSP he founded the treatment program for the High Security Inmates, the first of it's kind in Montana. He completed his Masters degree in Social Work following an internship at the VA, Fort Harrison, in 2012 and started private practice in 2013.

Eric grew up in rural Michigan and started working on a farm at the age of 12. He enjoys multiple outdoor activities and can often be found on the edge of a lake or river fishing during the summer.



Chemical Dependency Evaluation

A Chemical Dependency evaluation follows ASAM criteria to determine what level of treatment, if any, is needed. This evaluation takes about an hour and requires collateral information to support the findings. This is billable to insurance but the report is not released until it has been paid for.


OP treatment follows ASAM guidelines and is designed to fit the needs of the client. This level of treatment is up to 8.9 hours of interaction a week and may include groups. 



Intensive Outpatient Counseling

IOP Treatment involves three groups a week, last three hours each, and one individual session to make up the 9 hour minimum standard required by ASAM. Each group is broken down into three 50 minute sections and may include outings. Groups are held from 4-7 on Monday and Wednesday, Friday 5-7.


Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

The SAP program is for people who have a safety sensitive position regulated by the Federal DOT 49 CFR part 40.

Mental Health Therapy

I am currently the the process of getting my full license to address mental health issues. Because I do not have my full license and am currently being supervised I am unable to bill insurance for these services. I am able to provide mental health counseling for clients willing to pay out of pocket.


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